I’ve seen this poem on a few occassions, and it was always in a live setting where I didn’t have time to write it down.  I stumbled across it again while watching a lifechurch.tv video podcast.  I took the time to pause the video and write it down, line by line. 

God doesn’t love me.
You can’t force me to believe
God is good.
This is the one truth in life,
This world is a product of chance.
How can I believe that
God will use my life.
I know with certainty that
God has left me.
Never again will I say that
Christ is Risen from the dead.
I know now, more than ever in my life, that
Man can save himself.
We must realize that it is ignorant to think
God answers prayers.
Christians declare that
Without God, this world would fall into darkness.
This world can and will meet my needs.
It is a lie to say that
God has always been there for me.
I now realize that
No matter what I do,
The truth is,
He doesn’t love me.
How can I presume that
God is for me.

When you look back at 2012 and the new agencies’ recaps of the year, the vast majority of the top stories are extremely negative and troubling.  We are bombarded, day in and day out, with stories of unspeakable tragedy.  It seeps into our converstations, our actions, our thoughts.  We become jaded, negative, pessimistic, and skeptical.  I think this poem hits home with more and more people every year, and it is showing up in the way we treat each other.

 We begin to ask questions about why God allows such terrible things to happen.  Over time, we distance ourselves from God more and more.  We pull away, and we eventually lose our faith. 

The unfortunate truth is that the longer we run from God or pretend he doesn’t exist, the harder our hearts get, and the more difficult it becomes to reverse the damage. 

The good news is that God can (and DOES) change people’s hearts.  He does it every day.  When times are tough, when things seem hopeless, we need to turn toward him rather than away from him.  It’s okay to tell him how you really feel.  Let it all out and don’t hold anything back.  Releasing that anger and frustration is the first step to allow God into your heart.  He is always there, waiting for you.

Those who have put their faith, trust, and hope in the Lord see the world in a different way.  They see the positive side to all the horrible things that happen.  Their outlook on life is very different.

Read the poem again, but this time, read each line starting from the bottom and going to the top.  This is the outlook people have when God changes their hearts and dwells within them.

What outlook on life do you want to have?