So, what is this blog about, and what in the world is Kaleo?

This blog is simply a collection of my opinions, commentary, and life lessons.  Many of them are things that I think about and find interesting.  Others are lessons I’ve learned through study and life experience.  Many of the topics will be centered around my faith and what it means to try to live life as a disciple of Jesus Christ in a world that is increasingly less tolerant, and even hostile, toward matters of the Christian faith.

The word Kaleo is a transliteration of the Greek word Καλεω.  The primary meaning of the word is to be called, in the sense of being appointed, designated, or named to a position.  As a believer, and disciple, of Jesus, I believe that I am called (appointed) to a position to spread the word of God to all who will listen.  This blog is just one vehicle for that purpose.

I am not ordained and have not taken any Theology classes.  I do, however, read many, many books on Christian topics and listen to Podcasts of several progressive churches, much like Eaglebrook Church, which I attend.  I do not pretend to be all knowing about matters of faith.  In fact, in many of my posts, I will be very candid about the struggles and conflicts I face in trying to live as a disciple of Jesus while living in a world that values things that are contrary to my faith.

I hope you find this blog interesting to read. I hope it stimulates conversations and provides inspiration to you.  Feel free to comment on any of my posts or e-mail me directly at